The Most Unique Snow Vehicles On The Planet

Living in Canada, there’s a good chance you’re going to experience snow this winter, for better or worse. While it’s likely your car, SUV, or truck will be able to handle driving around in most of the conditions you’ll see, people around the world have come up with unique solutions for conquering snow and the terrain it falls on. Here are some of the most unique and interesting vehicles on the planet people use to get through tough winter conditions and reach their destinations with “snow” proble..

Ziesel Tank Chair

Image Credit: Ziesel

A strange combination of a wheelchair and tank, the Ziesel tank chair is a strange sight to behold. This all-electric vehicle is definitely more of a recreational toy than something you’d use everyday for work or utility. With a 21 horsepower electric engine and a top speed of 35km/h it’s able to overcome mud, gravel, sand, and, of course, snow with ease. It lasts a surprising amount of time before it runs out of charge, allowing you to zoom around for four to five hours. However, it’s not cheap and costs approximately $32,000, but if you’re looking for a fun way to explore the outdoors and snowy fields, this is a great option.

Taurus 2×2 ATV

Image Credit: Taurus

You might not think a motorcycle frame would be good as an ATV, but the Taurus is one of those major exceptions. Very similar to the Rokon Trailbreaker in design, this Russian invention stands out with its unique take on what an ATV can be. Unbelievably, it can also fit in the trunk of a car since all the parts of the Taurus can easily be collapsed and detached (as long as you have space for the huge tires it comes with) in about five minutes. While it doesn’t come with an engine, you can use something as small as a chainsaw motor to power this nimble vehicle. Plus, it’s surprisingly lightweight, even with a 210cc engine the whole bike only weighs 180lbs. It can also be fitted with utility racks to haul cargo or even a second person.


Image Credit: Ripsaw

This dual-track lightweight tank is the fastest of its kind in the world, able to reach speeds up to 130km/h. It can travel over any terrain and can even be controlled remotely. Like the Ziesel Tank Chair, this luxury vehicle is very expensive since each one can take over six months to create due to the custom parts and components it’s built with. The Ripsaw has also been featured in several movies including GI Joe: Retaliation, Fate of the Furious, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Grand Tour TV show. If you need to get through snow in a hurry, or just want to rip around the outdoors, this is a great choice. You know, if you have a ton of money just lying around and need something to fill out a space in your eight car garage.

Track N Go

Image Credit: Track N Go

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a snow vehicle in and of itself, but it can make just about any 4×4 vehicle snow-ready. The ingenious system essentially converts a vehicle into a sort of tank with 4 independent rubber tracks you can attach to your vehicle’s tires. The whole system is super easy to set up—it only takes about fifteen minutes to attach the track system to each tire. Basically, you’re able to convert your SUV or truck into a big snowmobile. The best part of the whole system? There are no additional modifications you’ll need to get your 4×4 ready, everything you need comes with the Track N Go. It’s a great alternative to the above options for an outdoor adventure without having to spend a lot of money to be able to get something snow-ready.

Winter is a harsh season for many and is one of the most difficult times of year to drive around. While you’ll likely never need to buy one of these vehicles, we can all appreciate the engineering and design that has gone into making these amazing pieces of machinery.

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