Round-Up Of The Best Vehicles Of 2019

Tis the season for snowy weather, Christmas songs blaring across the radio, and lookbacks on the biggest successes of the year—particularly in the automotive world. A variety of new technology came to 2019 vehicles including steering avoidance, high resolution, multi-angle, surround-view cameras for both collision avoidance and parking, implementation of semi-autonomous driving, and more. If you’re considering buying a new vehicle this year, compare cars across brands and models before you purchase one to get the equipment you want. Hybrids and the electrification of vehicles are also becoming more commonplace and are no longer “shocking” to see, with more electric cars filling the streets each year. 

So with all these innovations, which vehicles stand out to be the champions of this year? Well, we’ve compiled an ultimate list for you. So without further ado, here are some of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2019 (in no particular order).

Best Mid-Size Sedan: Ford Fusion

Image Credit: Ford

If you’re looking for the all-around best package, you can’t go wrong with this highly popular car. While you can play around with the extra horses in the V6 flavour, most people will opt for the more fuel efficient versions. You can also get the Fusion in a hybrid model which boasts 42mpg to cut down drastically on those trips to the gas station. It’s rumoured that this might be one of the last years of production of the Fusion, but if it’s going out, it’s doing so in style. 

Best Affordable Electric Car: Hyundai Kona Electric

Image Credit: Hyundai

Hyundai took everyone by surprise this year with the Kona Electric, which has stood out among other electric cars as being an excellent package overall. The biggest factor that has made this crossover so noteworthy is the range, specifically the 415km it can travel on a single charge. And for the $49,687 price tag you’re getting a lot when the closest model to this would likely be the Tesla Model X (which, while luxurious, is almost two and a half times more expensive). Plus, the stylish interior and quiet cabin makes this EV a top pick in 2019.

Most Fuel-Efficient Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Image Credit: Toyota

An often top tier SUV, Toyota has done it again in 2019. The RAV4 was totally redesigned this year to give it a little more attitude in its appearance, but also add additional tech, and improve its dynamics. In addition, Toyota improved its mileage quite significantly, bumping it up to 39mpg, an additional six mpg from the year prior. Now you can avoid even fewer awkward conversations when the gas station attendant is judging you for your taste in gas station snacks. To cap it off the RAV4 has plenty of cargo space and the hybrid flavour only costs slightly more than the base model, making it more accessible to everyone.

Best Hatchback: Honda Civic Hatchback

Image Credit: Honda

Like the RAV4, the Civic Hatchback has consistently improved in recent years as well to deliver another truly excellent drive in 2019. The incredible overall package of this car continues to make it tough to beat out and this year is no different. The stellar gas mileage and handling makes a return, but the safety features it comes standard with will be one of the biggest reasons for some to pick it up. Notably, lane-departure warning and automatic emergency braking are two of the main safety features that make this car attractive (in a safe kind of way).


Best Overall Pickup: Honda Ridgeline

Image Credit: Honda

We’ve mentioned the Ridgeline before in a past article, so it’s no surprise it also makes our list of the best of the year. While the unibody-like design does lower its towing capacity, it’s drive overall is made significantly smoother by the independent rear suspension. On top of that, it has more legroom in the backseats than any other mid-size pickup this year, making it great for family trips. Only if you’re trying to climb mountains (or tow one) with a truck should you consider other options. Otherwise, this is your best choice for a 2019 pickup.

Best 2019 Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette

Image Credit: Chevrolet

Feeling like a midlife crisis? While it may be the stereotypical go-to, getting a 2019 Corvette is actually the best choice this year. Even if you’re not going through a midlife crisis (which is hopefully the case), there’s a good reason to pick up a Corvette since you’re getting impossible-to-beat performance for the price, and we mean that. There is no other sports car on the market right now that will give you the horsepower and drive for the price point of around $65,000 for the base model. As a nice bonus, the trunk has a decent amount of space and the seats are very comfortable to make for an ever better deal overall.

Vehicles in 2019 continue to improve year over year with on-board-technology—safety equipment in particular. What was your favourite car from the year and what innovations are you looking forward to next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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