Time To Clean Your Backyard-7 Pickups Perfect For Yard Work

We all wish leaves would just “leaf” our lawns alone when it comes to the fall season, especially with respect to yard work. And while it is annoying, it’s even more so when you have to arrange borrowing or renting a truck or trailer to be able to take away yard waste or material. Pickups make this so much easier, and you’re able to do so at your leisure instead of relying on others. Of course, you could try and bug your neighbour (that guy you barely know), for their truck, but who wants to do that? Here are seven trucks perfect for yard work (in no particular order), and will save you from all those awkward conversations. 

7. 2019 Ford Superduty

 Image Credit: Ford

High ground clearance makes the Superduty perfect for larger tools and getting into those bumpier areas. It’s also a very customizable truck, enabling you to get the best pickup built to your needs. On top of that, the aluminum body improves fuel efficiency making those trips to the dump much easier on the wallet. Also, if you need power and torque, you definitely have it with the big V8 engine it comes equipped with.


6. 2019 GMC Canyon

Image Credit: GMC

Chances are you’ll need a truck that can tow a trailer and the Canyon can do that in spades (landscaping pun unintended). Aside from it’s 7700lbs towing capacity, the truck also handles really well. This makes it easy to maneuver trailers and the smooth ride makes trips more comfortable even when you’re towing heavier waste or gear.


5. 2019 GMC Sierra 1500

Image Credit: GMC

One of the best parts of the new GMC Sierra is the customizable tailgate making it easy to load tools, equipment, or yard waste. Plus, there are plenty of tie-downs in the truck bed for more options for hauling. Speaking of the truck beds, the Sierra has plenty of capacity for just about everything you’d need to take with you.


4. 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

 Image Credit: Chevrolet

While not quite as “kitted-out” as some of the Fords on this list, it’s still no slouch. There are plenty of powertrain options for towing or hauling. Plus, the long bed makes it great for longer branches or equipment. Are you somewhat tall? Don’t worry there’s plenty of legroom in the cabin so you can stay comfortable for those longer drives.


3. 2019 Ford F-150

 Image Credit: Ford

One of the most classic trucks definitely makes this list. Overall, this is a great choice for lawn-work, landscaping, or even just as an entry-level truck (being one of the most affordable on this list). Both the towing capability and payload capacity make the F-150 perfect for work or play. 


2. 2019 Dodge Ram

Image Credit: Dodge

The Ram 1500 has been fully redesigned for 2019 and it shows. It delivers on a smooth drive with an excellent suspension system and comfy cabin. More importantly for those hauling trips, it has towing capability that is backed up by a variety of on-board tech. Like the F-150 this is a great pickup to build to your needs and will serve you well for yard work and more.


1. 2019 Honda Ridgeline

 Image Credit: Honda

Because of the independent rear suspension, the Ridgeline has a truly superior ride and handles like a dream. It also has a surprising amount of storage for a 4-door truck, and its high-tech all-wheel-drive system ensures you keep traction hauling just about any trailer. A great mid-size pickup choice for those who want plenty of versatility.

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