If Only – 5 Of The World’s Most Expensive Supercars In 2019

Some cars are cheap, affordable, family-friendly, and fuel-efficient, and you won’t find any of those on this list. Every car you’re about to see takes the words ‘speed’ and ‘luxury’ and turns them into the yin and yang of car design and performance (at insane prices). These are vehicles, either bought online or custom ordered, are purchased by only the most elite and rich people in the world. So while most of us will never quite reach the tier to be able to afford these, we can still drool from a distance and imagine what life would be like driving one. 

5.  Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – $5.91 Million CAD

Image Credit: Lamborghini

Released in 2013, this Lambo stood out from the rest with the fact there would only be 4 units made (including the show car). And, of course, the L539 6.5-litre V-12 engine it comes with that can crank out 740 horsepower. Not a horse is wasted either: the car can reach speeds up to 356km/h. To further emphasize the exclusivity of this particular Lamborghini, the models sold were each red, white, and green respectively—i.e. the colours of the Italian flag.


4. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita – $6.3 Million CAD

Image Credit: Koenigsegg

One of the most exclusive cars on this list with only two ever made, the CCR model was designed to beat the McLaren F1 which it did in 2004. However, what sets the CCXR Trevita apart from the other CCR models is the process Koenigsegg used to create carbon fibre components on the vehicle. In constructing the supercar, the carbon fibre was coated with a diamond finish. The complexity of this process held them back though from making more Trevitas, making it one of the rarest cars Koenigsegg has ever made. Plus, the top speed of 408km/hr also makes it one of the fastest on this list as well.


3. Bugatti Divo – $7.62 Million CAD

Image Credit: Bugatti

If you expected a Bugatti to be on this list, you’d be absolutely right. While it is road legal, the Divo is meant to be enjoyed on the track, and with the amount of power it has under the hood, it’s not hard to understand why. Released just last year in 2018, all forty models were sold immediately in a single day. It’s not hard to understand why—the car is designed to be fast. It’s built with technologically advanced aero parts and lightweight components throughout the entire supercar to help it go even faster.


2. Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero – $10.5 Million CAD

Image Credit: Mercedes

With only a single car made for the purpose, of all things, showing off the tire performance of high-end tires from a company called Fulda (a German subsidiary of Goodyear), this supercar is one-of-a-kind. Because that’s the kind of thing you do when your company is insanely wealthy, you make a ludicrously expensive car to show off the freaking tires (does anyone else find this as crazy as we do?). The look of the car is also unique, with almost a batmobile-esque design. Oh, and it can also reach 351km/h, so there’s that as a selling point.


1. Rolls Royce Sweptails – $17.1 Million CAD

Image Credit: Rolls Royce

There are enthusiasts, and there are enthusiasts, and the owner of the Sweptails is definitely the latter. A longtime fan of Rolls Royce, the person (who we can only assume is some kind of billionaire) had every single part of this supercar hand-built. Finished in 2017, it still tops the list as the most expensive car ever built as of today. The supercar is the literal embodiment of the word “custom”, taking four whole years to make. The most notable feature? The single-piece panoramic glass roof that is one of the most complex features of the car. So if you already own everything before this entry on the list, you might want to consider getting in touch with Rolls Royce to make your own car. I mean, it’s not like that kind of money could be used for anything else right? You probably already own a bond villain style mansion/bunker/lair, so a custom $17 million car would go perfectly with that.

Clearly, there are some truly expensive cars out there, and some equally rich people who are able to buy them. While we can only dream of being able to purchase our own, the outstanding achievements of car manufacturers through their work deserves to be recognized.

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