Want To Enjoy The Sun? Here Are 7 Of The Best 2019 Convertibles

Top-down in the summer sun, whizzing around every corner, wind in your hair—there’s just something about convertibles that make them the perfect summer car. Trying to compare them to vehicles with sunroofs is just not the same.

Gone are the days you’d spend around half an hour trying to fold out the soft-top, only for one support to buckle and collapse an hour into your drive like an agitated soufflé. Just about every new 2019 convertible has an automatic fold-out top. So aside from being open to the summer sun, breeze, and occasional rain, what sets the best seven 2019 convertibles apart? Find out in our list below:

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Image Credit: Mazda

 The Miata is one of those legendary convertibles, most people have at least heard the name, more have loved zooming around in them. There are several new 2019 features that make this year’s Miata stand above the rest. To start, it’s got more oomph under the hood with an improved engine and higher redline so you can rev without repercussion. It’s by no means a practical buy with little to no cargo storage, but the fuel-efficient driving is some of the best and a ton of fun through every corner.

2. Mini Cooper Convertible

Image Credit: Mini Cooper

 Minis are already a fun summer car and the convertible version even more so. Few cars can match the unique responsive handling and zippy drive. You probably won’t be too comfortable as a tall person in the back seat, but let’s be real, you didn’t buy a Mini for the legroom in the back. The convertible power top will unfold in around eighteen seconds for unlimited headroom,  and the 7.5 second 0-60 mph time will definitely cool you down with the top off.

3. BMW 2-Series

Image Credit: BMW

 BMW has a fantastic lineup of cars, SUVs, and more, but to most people, the price points make them a little too much out of reach. Enter the 2-Series, at a more affordable price of around $48,000 this year and plenty of pep to give you a reason to consider this convertible. Like the Miata and Mini on this list, this is not a car really made for more than 2 people unless you’re travelling short distances. Its engine is one of the biggest boasting factors though, able to pump out 248hp to the wheels in the 230i flavour, and 335hp in the M230i giving you that thrilling BMW power in every journey.

4. Audi A5

Image Credit: Audi

Finally a convertible on the list that cares about the backseat passengers; the A5 is a great car for those happenin’ road trips. While it tries to be somewhat luxurious in areas, it doesn’t always achieve it, but you’ll still enjoy the A5 for the comfort it provides. Focused on quality, this is one car you’ll still feel comfortable in hours into your drive. Plus, the trunk offers a surprising amount of space, and there’s plenty of infotainment to get everyone singing to your driving playlist.

5. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

We probably could have mentioned several Mercedes-Benz convertible models on this list for their excellent overall quality, but the E-Class stood out above the rest. Last year this model was redesigned to be even better and this year’s continues to improve. You could get the four-cylinder version, but you should get the V6 and enjoy the extra power and new six-cylinder mild hybrid powertrain to truly experience the best ride this car can offer. As well, the excellent cabin design makes every drive luxurious and comfortable.

6. Chevrolet Corvette

Image Credit: Chevrolet

Ah yes, a staple buy of many people suffering from a mid-life crisis. The Corvette is a go-to choice for a reason and continues to be a great convertible pick in 2019 (regardless of whether or not you’re actually going through a mid-life crisis yourself). The draw of this year’s Corvette is the crazy powerful V8 engine basically howling for highway driving. However, it’s still a totally capable car for daily drives and handles like a dream. Honestly, it gets close to, and even rivals, some supercars. And with a much more affordable price point, it can achieve that for less.

7. Porsche 718 Boxster

Image Credit: Porsche

 It’s definitely up there in terms of price, but it offers a drive like no other—if you’re looking for a head-turning car, this is it. The 2019 718 Boxster goes back to its convertible roots with a focus primarily on driver enjoyment and handling, so don’t expect too much in terms of the interior. That being said, its seats are high quality and you’d be hard-pressed to find too much to complain about in terms of comfort. Adding adaptive suspension, in particular, gives the Boxster a drive like cream cheese, smooth and creamy, minus the creamy part. Overall, it’s an excellent choice to have that top-down summer driving experience.

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