When The Outdoors Becomes The Open Road—The Best 2019 Off-Road Vehicles

While some people are content to walk around in nature, others prefer to experience it in comfort or even try to conquer it in a vehicle. However, it’s important to compare cars and trucks to see what’s best for you since you might not need all the features some of these provide. Here are the best 2019 vehicles you can get your hands on to explore the outdoors comfortably.

Dodge Ram 1500

Image Credit: Dodge

If you need a do-everything truck, this is by far your best bet. Named by Motor Trend as the Truck of the Year, the Ram 1500 offers a lot. A sleek redesign, towing capability of 6000 lbs and up, plus innovations like the RamBox (a power cargo box that slides out of the sides of the truck bed) means it’s no slouch when it comes to offering the complete truck package. Other features like a quiet, comfy cabin make it an even sweeter deal. Get the Rebel trim for the best off-road capabilities with features like specialized tires and fortified shocks.

Ford Raptor

Image Credit: Ford

You probably saw this coming, but the Raptor has consistently been a truck designed for the outdoors, and 2019’s flavour is no different. While the Ram 1500 is a more sensible truck, the Raptor is ridiculous in the best way. For example, the new Jump Mode detects when the Raptor is airborne and will increase the compression dampening to avoid bottoming-out upon landing. Another awesome feature is a sort of low-speed cruise control. Called ‘Trail Control’, it lets the driver focus on steering while you set a constant speed up to thirty-two kilometres per hour. At the lowest speed, the wheels can even pulse if they get stuck in terrain like sand.

Land Rover Range Rover

Image Credit: Land Rover

Like Jeep, Land Rover is known for their high-quality outdoor vehicles and the 2019 Range Rover is no exception. However, its price tag is definitely meant for the more retired or rich outdoor enthusiast. Still, for the price, it offers a plethora of features for travelling across the most challenging outdoor terrain. Some of the better tech it’s equipped with includes hill-descent control, adaptive all-wheel-drive, and a form of launch-control for low traction.

Jeep Wrangler

Image Credit: Jeep

I mean, at this point it’s almost a given one of the best options to explore the outdoors would be a Wrangler. Nonetheless, the 2019 model continues to innovate. So what are you getting with the hardcore outdoor Rubicon trim? Thirty-three inch BF Goodrich tires for one, a disconnecting front roll bar, plus plenty of other 2019 tech. This includes 10.9 inches of ground clearance, and the front and rear axles can be fitted with locking differentials to maintain traction.

Toyota 4Runner

Image Credit: Toyota

While trucks are great for hauling, sometimes just a reliable SUV is what you need for those jaunts into nature. The 4Runner is just that. The TRD Pro model in particular stands out for exploring the wilderness with 2.5-inch Fox Racing internal-bypass shock absorbers. It also comes equipped with electronic locking rear differential and thick underbody skid plates ensuring you keep moving, even in some of the harshest terrain. It’s one of the most dependable vehicles on this list—ensuring you’re not stranded in the wild trying to get a signal by waving your phone in the air like a teenage girl at a boy band concert.

No matter your choice of vehicle, make sure you’re as prepared as possible for any outdoor adventure. Bring a quick-repair kit in case you happen to break down, plus extra water and snacks if you have to wait a while for a tow truck. Be aware of your vehicle’s limitations as well, just because you might be able to drive over that big rock, it doesn’t mean you should. Doing so means you can confidently drive to some of the most spectacular areas in the outdoors.

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