5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Car

We all know that one person who’s car resembles more of a dumpster on wheels than a mode of viable transportation. It’s just gross and you never really want a ride from them unless it’s absolutely necessary. Aside from potentially giving you a reason to throw up every time they open a car door, they are also damaging their car by keeping it dirty. Plus, few used car dealerships will give you full-price on a trade-in for a dirty car.

Dirt and grime, both inside and out, can eventually cause considerable damage to your car if not taken care of properly. Learn more below. . .

1. Washing Your Car Keeps You Safe

Watermarks and dead bugs are annoying when they’re on your car, but they could be dangerous to you as well. Watermarks can especially be dangerous if they make it difficult to see out of your windshield or side mirrors, which could be hazardous while driving. Keep them clean so you can have a safe drive with maximum visibility.

2. Your Car Is Often A First Impression

At some point in your life you’ll likely be driving to meet people you haven’t met before. This means making a good first impression is important. Ensure your car does some of the talking by keeping it clean both inside and out. The last thing people want to do is step into the remnants of a Happy Meal, or sit on leftover sauce packets strewn about the interior.

3. Cleaning Your Car Regularly Will Help Keep Its Resale Value

A vehicle maintained regularly (and cleaned often) keeps its resale value because it prevents the build-up of rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion are particularly tough to deal with when it comes to cars since there’s no way to reverse the process. The entire component or part often needs to be replaced. The cleaner your car is (with minimal rust, if any) the easier time you will have either selling or trading it in at the value it’s worth, especially at a used car dealership.

4. Dirt and Grime Will Damage Your Car’s Finish and Cause Rust

When you live in Canada you know your car is going to get dirty eventually, especially with the inevitable slushy winter days. This dirt and grime buildup can wear at your vehicle’s finish as can rain or snow. Rain and snow, in particular, can also react with the dirt to create a slightly acidic compound. This can further wear down the vehicle’s finish to cause rust on your now no-longer-shiny car. If the area you live in also salts the roads during winter, your car’s undercarriage can also start to rust if you’re not cleaning it consistently.

5. Cleaning Keeps Your Car Healthier For You and Your Passengers

Don’t start the zombie apocalypse because you kept putting off cleaning your car: all that dirt inside your cabin isn’t clean and can carry some nasty bacteria. Unfortunately, many of these can be contracted by breathing them in, but you can avoid this by vacuuming the cabin and using disinfectant wipes. If you haven’t replaced your car’s cabin filter for a while this can also help keep the air fresh and you healthy. You likely spend a lot of time inside your car, don’t make the experience worse for yourself by increasing your chance of getting sick in it.

Make the best impression possible and make your car stand out from the crowd with a clean interior and exterior. Your vehicle is, in many ways, an extension of you and it’s important to put the same care into it as you would in taking care of yourself.

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